"Elegant, beautifully fashioned design. I know that when they’re doing something for me, a house or an apartment or a piece of furniture, that it’s not just a job, it’s part of them."

Attention to Detail

Every home is a palace in its owner’s mind; but it takes an expert contracting team to make that vision a reality. The key is attention to details. By bringing out the best of those details and supporting that work with appropriate choices in color, materials and style, Mind Hand can find the beauty in the place you’ve always known was not a beast.

Collaborative Construction

Entrusting one’s residence to a contractor is a time-honored rite of passage of home ownership. But the difference between a successful experience and an unsuccessful one lies in the quality of the collaboration — how well a contractor can bring what a client wants to life can be the difference between a home’s extended life and a premature return to the real estate market.

Relationship Building

Home renovations can be disrupting. For months on end, in the quest of a better future, your home becomes barely livable and you have a daily slew of houseguests — workers who arrive early and stay all day. Successful renovations can and do result from such displacement; but the truly successful ones end with the initial working relationship intact.